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Martha MacIsacc was born on the 11th of October in 1984 and is best known for her roll as Emily Byrd Starr on the Canadian television series Emily of New Moon. MacIsaac made her break through in to American television in 2007 with her role on Superbad as Becca. Many fan forums and reviews are raving about Martha MacIssac and they have ever reason to. MacIssac is hot, well developed as an actress and looking like the next great star out of Canada. You look forward to seeing this young talent go on to do great things.

Something else that I'd like to add here is that I think Martha MacIsaac is truly one of the best new actresses out of Canada. It's not just that she's really hot, or that she's Canadian, I honestly think that she's a great performer. Martha, if you ever run across this site, please take this small piece of advice to heart; don't ever waste your talent on movies that you think might not turning out so well, I understand that it's sometimes difficult to tell but go with your gut and trust big names(producers, directors & actors/actresses), also take pride in knowing that you are a great contribution to any film that you participate in. I know I show up well on Google, Yahoo & MSN, so If there's anything I ever say on here that you don't agree with, please let me know and I'll be more than happy to revise it, send me an birthday gift or autographed picture and hell, I'll give you complete rights to the site :-) If you ever do want to get in touch with me, just have your people look up my whois info, it's all correct, but maybe I'm just dreaming. Hey, a young ad man can dream too. See ya. Steve

The Martha logs: Recent Blog Posting

Posted by Steve:6-30-2010 at 3:14pm EST.

Well, I feel kinda sad that I couldn't attend the Shanghai Film Festival to see MacIsaac in the premiere of Faith Fraud and Minimum Wage. I guess I'll just have to wait until October. From the small screenshots I saw, it looks as though our favorite star is as beautiful as ever and hopefully playing an important role (I'm sure both are true).

Posted by Steve:2-15-2008 at 1:42pm EST.

Looks like Martha MacIsaac is not stopping. Recently sources tell us that she is in the main line up for the remake of "Last House on the Left"; a classic Wes Craven's original from 1972. No doubt that her performance will be awesome in this thriller. We hoped, wished and prayed that it would happen and it has; MacIsacc is going to make a name for her self. I wish her the best success in Hollywood. If this woman can make it past the big no-no's she's going to be eternal. When I say "big no-no's", I mean the obvious stuff, no drugs, no nudity(or atleast until she gets the credibility of a Demi Moore status), no bad press(Britney/Lohan type press) and abnormal weight gain or loss. Go Martha! Go! You can do it, we all believe in you.

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